Bekele needs to borrow a leaf from Kipchoge in his quest to break the world record

All eyes are set for the iconic Berlin marathon due on Sunday, September 26. Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia will be making a comeback, in what is seen as an attempt to break the marathon world record of 2:01:39 held by Eliud Kipchoge of Kenya. 
Kenenisa Bekele life-time best is 2:01:41, two seconds slower than the world record.

It is very difficult to predict the Ethiopian maestro in the marathon. Today he will be in the Danakil depression and tomorrow he will shoot for the moon. As matter of fact, Bekele is capable of smashing the world record if all the conditions are ideal. However, he needs to change a few tactics, perhaps he can learn one or two from Eliud Kipchoge marathon exploits.

Kenenisa and Kipchoge

The current marathon world record holder work in tandem with pacemakers to make sure his flight is on the right schedule, he can even command pacemakers to increase the pace where necessary. Similarly, Bekele needs to work hand in hand with pacemakers.

We have seen Kipchoge unleashing an incredible solo run concocted with speed, mileage, and endurance after pacemakers are done. At this stage, his worries are not his rivals but the time. While going for the world record he run alone from twenty-five kilometers to the end while maintaining a world record pace.

 In Tokyo Olympics he splits away from 30km and took ownership of the race, such is the aggressiveness needed to be displayed by Bekele on Sunday if he needs to grasp the world record.
Bekele should maintain the rhythm after rabbits final mark. The 39-year-old Ethiopian has been depending largely on the strong field. However, Bekele will face a constellation of challenges as most of the top elites marathoners will be toeing the line in other major marathons events.

In 2016 Wilson Kipsang aided him to run 2:03:03 missing the world record by five seconds, whereas in 2019 his compatriot Birhanu Legese pushed him to 2:01:41 missing the world record by two seconds. In both instances, Bekele had dropped before recharging his pace.

After losing the world records in 5000m and 10000m, former world cross country superstar will be very meticulous to redeem his past, the equalizer is to break the marathon world record. 

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