Big marathons have submitted to the King of marathon, Boston is not exceptional.

Boston marathon on Monday, April 17 will be the penultimate race for Kipchoge in his quest to win the six World marathon majors. 

Big marathons have submitted to the King of marathon, Boston is not exceptional.

The marathon World record holder, has won Chicago, London, Berlin, and Tokyo marathons. While Boston marathon is within his grasp, New York marathon is still in the pipeline.

Kipchoge's ultimate goal is to win Boston marathon on Monday. 

However, 2:03:01 Geoffrey Mutai's course record in 2011, remains to be an  immense challenge to the greatest marathoner of All-time. 

In one of his interviews recently, Kipchoge admitted that Geoffrey Mutai's course record is a hard nut to 


Already Kipchoge holds the course records in three of the WMM. 2019 London marathon (2:02:37), 2022 Tokyo marathon (2:02:40), and 2:01:09 in  2022 Berlin marathon which is the current the World record. 

The greatest marathoner of all time, has earned distinction in all of his assignments in marathon.

Here are the three major achievements. 

His first goal in marathon was to win the Olympic title in marathon. As expected his performance is exquisite, he won back-to-back Olympic marathon Gold medals in Rio 2016  and Tokyo 2022.

The second ambition was to run under 2 hours in marathon. His first attempt in 2017 Monza, Italy  saw him running massive 2:00:25. Two years later, his dream come true, when he run historic 1:59:40 in Vienna, Austria.

Last but not the least is the World record attempts. The 38-year- old, has successfully obliterated the World record twice in Berlin. In 2018, he run 2:01:39 to smash, Dennis Kimetto World record of 2:02:57. Needless to say, Kipchoge is coming to Boston, fresh from breaking the World record in Berlin (2:01:09)

The World is expecting the fastest marathoner of all time, to win the oldest marathon in the World.

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