Eliud Kipchoge & Brigid Koskei, are still capable of breaking marathon World record

About a fortnight ago, Eliud Kipchoge and Brigid Koskei won the 2022 Tokyo marathon, posting 2:02:40 and 2:16:02 respectively. The duo is currently world record holders over the distance.
While Kipchoge holds men's records in 2:01:39, Koskei owns women's record in 2:14:04.

Both broke the course record in Tokyo and achieved the japan All-comers record. Kipchoge's performance is the fourth-best ever in men's marathon, whereas Kosgei's time is the third-fastest in history.

Now, let's look at the Tokyo marathon course. It is not super fast as such, the course has a 180-degree turn, a few hills, and bridges. Those factors impede the tempo needed for the world record.

Eliud Kipchoge and Brigid Kosgey

Kipchoge was one minute inside the world record if you factor in a few seconds lost when he made a mistake and followed the TV track in 10km, making him lose about 10seconds.

Other factors like weather and pacing were relatively impeccable. Assuming it was Berlin marathon, Kipchoge would have certainly smashed his world record or all the same deep under 2:02:00.

Which beg the question, what's next for Kipchoge next season?
Time is of the essence, Kipchoge might be heading to BMW Berlin marathon next season to lower his world record, and so to Brigid Koskei, she too have audacity to obliterate her world record.

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