Istanbul Will Determine the King of Half marathon

In June last year, Geoffrey Kamworor suffered a fractured tibia after he was hit by a motorcycle while in training.
After a successful surgery, he was rendered out of the competition for almost six months.

Unfortunately, he couldn't defend his world half-marathon title. As if that was not enough he watched helplessly as his counterpart Kibiwott Kandie hammered his record mercilessly.

The former half marathon-champion bounce back early this year by winning the Kenya police cross country championship for the eighth straight time. However, it became a roller-coaster day after he opted out of the competition during the Kenya Nationals cross country championship.

RAK half marathon postponement delayed the clash between him (Kamworor) and Kandie. Nonetheless, the N Kolay Istanbul Half marathon this weekend will provide a perfect opportunity for the two half marathon titans to meet, it will be a race like no other.

In their last half marathon, both shattered the world record. Kandie's record is the current.

Yet it will be a daunting task to beat Kamworor in a half marathon. The former world record holder can run any race from 1500m to marathon under all terrains; track, cross country to the road races. The combination of his speed and mileage has propelled him to uncountable wins. His prowess is not on track nor cross country, rather he considers road and especially half marathon as his specialty.

From gun to tape, Kamworor is capable of setting an electrifying pace and on many occasions, no one has survived his brutal pace. He will leverage this factor on Sunday.

Moreover, the three-time world half marathon champion is keen on bringing back his reputation. Winning against Kandie will demystify that indeed he is still the king of half marathon and this will give him an impetus to reclaiming back his world record.

As a matter of fact, Kibiwott Kandie is not easy, Kamwororor needs to be at his best if he wants to triumph in the Sunday race. Otherwise losing to Kandie might signify the end of his era in a half marathon.

The half marathon record holder is very tactical too. He will not sit and watch, rather he will be ready for any tactic unleashed by his counterpart.

The last arsenal will be his devastating kick. Kandie can even win at the tape, it will be remembered how he upset Jacob Kiplimo in the 95th edition of the Sao Silvestre race in Brazil.

Homeboy Ozbilen Kigen will capitalize on the home ground advantage. The European fastest marathoner will be using the race as preparation for the Olympics. Amedework Walelegn of Ethiopia is equally lethal.

Peres Jepchirchir and Brigid Kosgey will be raising adrenaline in the women's race, even though, Ethiopia's Yalemzerf Yehualaw is the fastest in the star-studded field assembled.

  1. Kibiwott Kandie (KEN) 57:32
  2. Geoffrey Kamworor (KEN) 58:01
  3. Amedework Walelegn (ETH) 58:53
  4. Stephen Kissa (UGA) 58:56
  5. Leonard Barsoton ( KEN) 59:09
  6. Kaan Kigen Ozbilen (TUR) 59:48
  7. Aras Kaya (TUR) 1:00:51
  8. Roncer Kipkorir (KEN) 1:01:19
  9. Amanal Petros (GER) 1:0137
  10. Getaye Gelaw ( ETH) 1:01:42
  1. Yalemzerf Yehualaw (ETH) 1:04:46
  2. Brigid Kosgei (KEN) 1:04:49
  3. Joan Chelimo (KEN) 1:05:04
  4. Ruth Chepngetich (KEN) 1:05:06
  5. Peres Chepchirchir (KEN) 1:05:06
  6. Melat Kejeta (GER) 1:05:18
  7. Saeed Mohammed (UAE) 1:06:13
  8. Yasemin Can (TUR) 1:06:20
  9. Bekelech Gudeta (ETH) 1:07:03
  10. Hiwot Gebrekidan (ETH) 1:07:36
  11. Hellen Obiri
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