Kenyans unsatisfied with steeplechase performance in Mauritius

Kenya top medals table at 2022  African Athletics Championships in Mauritius. The team jetted back on Monday with warm reception.

Known for long-distance running, Kenya scooped 10 Gold, 5 silver, and 8 Bronze medals. A total of 23 medals.

Julias Yego Gold medal in javelin and Ferdinand Omanyala's victory in 100m are some of the Gold medals one would not expect Kenyans to win.

On the contrary, Kenya lost both men's and Women's steeplechase titles. The near they could manage was Bronze medals in both categories.

Kenyans steeplechase Mauritius

Ethiopians run away successfully with Gold and Silver medals for both men's and women's events. This did not go well with the majority of Kenyan fans.

Many Kenyans believe water and barrier is their tradition, and Athletics Kenya has done little if any to bring back the steeplechase glory after Kenya lost both titles in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The steeplechase debacle comes hot on the heels of the 2022 world Athletics championships in Oregon.

Podium: 3000m SC, Africa athletics championship 2022.


  1. Hailemariyam Tegeg 8:27.38 (ETH)
  2. Tadese Tekele           8:28.31 (ETH)
  3. Geoffrey Kirwa           8:29.74 (KEN)


  1. Werkuha Getachew   9:36.81 (ETH)
  2. Zerfe Wondmagegn   9:43.37 (ETH)
  3. Caren Chebet             9:43.64 (KEN)
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