Exuberent Kipchoge Ready to Fly in ENSCHEDE

NN mission marathon will be held in Enschede, the Netherlands on  18 April. The race was to be staged in Hamburg on 11 April, but the stinging of the covid -19 pandemic warranted the event to be shifted. Marathon world record holder, Eliud Kipchoge will be spearheading the contention, unlike the London marathon held in October last year, Enschede will not be highly charged.

The precise venue will be Twente airport in the Netherlands. From formula one track in Monza the breaking2 spectacle to the famous prater park of 159 challenge, Kipchoge has always pushed race organizers and sponsors for the ideal venue.

Yet Kipchoge's victory will be very integral. winning will demystify that indeed he is unbeatable, the London loss last year will be merely an isolated case. Moreover, he will have fired a salvo to his rivals in the upcoming summer Olympics, and perhaps he will remain the favorite.  Unlike other athletes, Kipchoge will not be chasing for an Olympic slot. The defending champion has already booked his ticket.

Defeating Kipchoge in Enschede will not obliterate the fact that he is the Greatest Athlete of all time. He is the only one to have run under two hours in the marathon. He is the world record holder and Olympic champion, a feat that no human has accomplished.


Uganda's national record holder Felix Chemonges (2:05:12 ) is another heavyweight competing in the NN mission marathon. Laban Korir, the training mate of Eliud Kipchoge will be chasing the glory too, so to Jonathan Korir and Augustine Choge.

Former Olympic champion and world champion Stephen Kiprotich of Uganda and Tadesse Abraham of Switzerland are other big names confirmed. Several European athletes have been considered-they will be seeking qualifying time for the Olympics games.

Marathon specialist Philemon Rono will be playing the rabbit role. NN mission marathon has selected the pacemakers who have always pushed Kipchoge to its heights which includes Gideon Kipketer, Victor Chumo, Noah Kipkemboi, Philemon Kacherian, Alex Kibarus, Jackson Kiprop, Moses Koech, Sylvester Kiptoo, and Benard Cheptoch.

Erick Kiptanui's victory at the Xiamen marathon a few days ago was received with joy in the Global sports training camp. It will be a boost for Kipchoge and his colleagues as they take on the NN mission marathon on Sunday. Kiptanui is training-mate for Kipchoge.

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