Kipchoge to run Hamburg as Pre-Olympics race

In 2013 Eliud Kipchoge debuted a marathon in Hamburg running exquisite 2:05:30. He achieved the second-fastest marathon debut, not to mention the course record which stands to date.

After a successful debut, one thing that fascinated Kipchoge is the fact that one can run a marathon and wait until the next season to race again. Formidable marathoners usually ran two marathons in a year, unlike track where athletes ran a lot of races in a year.


"I'm happy to return to the genesis of my marathon running career," Kipchoge said. The race is being organized by Global sports communication, the NN running team, and Hamburg marathon organizers. The race will be an Elite-only event, inviting close to a hundred runners across the globe.

Since his first marathon, Kipchoge has won eleven out of thirteen marathons. His winning streak ended on 04 October, last year at the Virgin London marathon citing blockage on his right ear during the second half of the race, nonetheless, the world record holder finished eighth in a time of 2:06:49. Shura Kitata of Ethiopia won in 2:05:42.

Kipchoge is not only heading to Hamburg as a world record holder but also the  fastest marathoner of all time with under two hours, his 1:59:40  in Viena was equated as going to the moon and coming back. He is also reigning Olympic champion. Hamburg marathon will act as pre-olympic outing.

Athletics pundits believe that, should Kipchoge run below 2:05:00 he will be able to recover his reputation back; the defeat in London marathon last year will be just an  isolated case. It will also build his confidence as he head for Olympics to defend his title.

It's worth noting that Kipchoge is keen to maintain his prowess in 26.2 miles, currently, he is burning the midnight oil with his colleagues at the Global sports training center in Kaptagat. For part of last year, the world record holder was seen hitting the road alone due to stringent measures occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

The  NN mission marathon course will follow a 10.5km loop that runners will run four laps. Fortunetly the marathon will give chance to  several athletes to qualify for Olympics. The full lineup for the  marathon will be named soon.

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