Kitata and Brigid to spearhead London marathon

Shura Kitata of Ethiopia and Kenya's Brigid Kosgei will be defending their titles in the London marathon on October 3, 2021. Kitata pulled out of the Tokyo Olympic marathon this month, while Brigid won a silver medal.

The resilient Kitata will face stiff competition from last year's runner up Vincent Kipchumba of Kenya and his compatriots Evans Chebet. The latter was ranked the fastest marathoner last year after winning the Valencia marathon in scintillating 2:03:00.

Titus Ekiru, the fastest man this year with massive 2:02:57 wants to joins the list of Kenyans who have won the London marathon. The fastest man in the stellar lineup is Birhanu Legese of Ethiopia With  2:02:48, Legese won the Tokyo marathon last year in 2:04:15.

kitata Brigid London marathon

World record holder Brigid Kosgei, will not have the time to celebrate her Tokyo Olympic silver medal. Instead she will be burning the mid-night oil in bid to win the London marathon for the third consecutive time. She too, will have an uphill task due to the formidable line up assembled.

Men's start list.

  1. Birhanu Legese       ETH        2:02:48
  2. Mosinet Geremew   ETH        2:02:55
  3. Titus Ekiru               KEN        2:02:57
  4. Evans Cnebet         KEN        2:03:00
  5. Mule Wasihun         ETH        2:03:16
  6. Sisay  Lemma         ETH        2:03:36
  7. Kinde Atenaw          ETH        2:03:51
  8. Shura Kitata            ETH        2:04:49
  9. Vincent Kipchumba KEN       2:05:09
  10. Tristan Woodfine     CAN       2:10:51


  1. Brigid Kosgei            KEN  2:14:04
  2. Rosa Dereje             ETH   2:18:30
  3. Birhane Dibaba        ETH   2:18:35
  4. Joyciline Jepkosgei  KEN   2:18:40
  5. Valary Jemeli            KEN   2:19:10
  6. Degitu Azimeraw      ETH   2:19:26
  7. Zaineba  Yimer         ETH   2:19:28
  8. Tigist Girma              ETH   2:19:52
  9. Ashete Bekere          ETH   2:20:14
  10. Alemu Megertu         ETH   2:21:10
  11. Sinead Diver             AUS   2:24:11
  12. Allie Kieffer                USA  2:28:12  
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