The reselience of MARKO CHESETO

Marko Cheseto was born at Kapenguria in West Pokot. He attended  Ptop primary school and Chewoyet high school. Walking long distances from home to school embolden him to develop a passion for running.

It was at Egoji teachers training college that gave him an impetus to discover his prowess in athletics. For the two years in college, he dominated inter-collegiate athletics championships in the long-distance races. While competing at the national championship during his final year, he ran tremendously well both in 5,000m and 10,000m.

Luckily enough American college recruiters were not only gracing the championship but also needed athletes to offer them scholarships.  He satisfied the recruiters and he was considered for scholarships in the US. But first, he had to do the scholarship assessment test, otherwise known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test after finishing college.


After graduating in 2006 he was employed as a teacher for a while in Kapenguria, but the enthusiasm for scholarship kept calling the urge was untenable, he left teaching and embark on running, he also sat for the scholarship assessment test.  

His onus was also to follow up on the progress by liaising with Michael Friess his coach at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Finally, the young man from West Pokot was ready to board the plane, his father had to sell everything he had to make sure one of his child proceed for further studies never mind he had other nineteen children since he was a polygamist.  

In  August 2008, Cheseto traveled to the United States where he majored in nursing and Nutrition at the University of Alaska Anchorage. He also juggles between athletics and works successfully.   Between 2008 and 2010 Marko  Cheseto stamps his authority in athletics by winning all editions of the Great Northwest Athletic Conference; earning him all American status. He also broke the course record for Anchorage mayors half marathon.    

Marko organized for his cousin  William Ritekwiang from Kapenguria to join the University of Alaska Anchorage, his coach was accommodative after witnessing an outstanding performance by Marko. "perhaps William will be another force to reckon with," he thought. As expected William became exquisite both in-class and field.  

In February 2011, hell broke loose William Ritekwiang committed suicide in his room. Yet there were no red flags whatsoever to indicate William was in distress. However, before hanging himself using TV cable he tried to call Marko, who was busy with his classwork, he promised him they would see each other later that day.  

The demise of William caused the profound depression to Cheseto, ''had I responded to his call, I would have saved his life,'' he regrated. The doctor put him on antidepressants to reduce his depression which worked well for some time, but the worst happens In one afternoon in November 2011, Marko took exessive antidepressants and went for a run. It was winter and the temperature was in single digits.  

The overdose caused him hallucination after ten minutes of running. Police were called to search him in trails near the University after his disappearance but because it was snowing more than a foot that day it exacerbated the chances of finding him.  Sadly the snow had covered him.  

After three days of missing Marko stumble into a nearby hotel, his shoes had frozen to his feet due to hypothermia and severe frostbite. Although he was lucky to have survived treacherous winter conditions, Doctors were forced to amputate both of his feet below the knee. After amputation Marko was fitted with a walking prosthesis.  

Ironically it was a big sigh of relief for Markos to lose his limbs, he claims that he will not feel the guilt of his cousin's death anymore, because his two limbs have joined him. After graduation, Marko worked as an assistant coach for cross country and track at the University of Anchorage.  

In 2018 Marko moved from Alaska to Florida and started working for  Orthotic Associate of Orlando. Together with his prosthetist Patterson, they develop a prosthetic that was ideal for long-distance running. From then Markos never looks back, he started training for the marathon. in the same year, he ran 2:52:33 in the New York marathon and two days later he was given American citizenship and named the 2018 challenged athlete of the year.  

In 2019 Marko Cheseto set a world record for the double-amputee in the Chicago marathon clocking a massive 2:37:23, shadowing his previous time of 2:42:24 which he registered earlier in the Boston marathon. Amazingly his dream is to compete with able-bodied athletes in marathons.  

Yet you can't define Marko just as a double amputee world record holder, he is also an incredible motivational speaker, through his speeches most people have been inspired by the degree of his resilient life. His hilarious nature in interviews is so captivating that he usually leaves his audience gasping for more. Marko is also Father and a husband.

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