Whereabouts as a Doping Violation

In the recent past Kenyan athletes have  faced unprecedented cases of doping,that has  threatened to jeopardise their credibility.

More disconcerting however is the fact that some athletes are being sanctioned  due to whereabouts violations. Whereabouts rules, requires athletes to provide details of where they can be found for one hour everyday, to Anti-Doping organizations. It was introduced in 2004 under international standard for testing and investigations.

The following are circumstances under which athletes can be sanctioned due, to whereabouts failure.

  1. Failure to submit their whereabouts within  required deadline.
  2. Inability to update whereabouts due to change of circumstances.
  3. Giving out incomplete or inaccurate  whereabouts. Home address, Training address and competition scheduled should be accurate.
  4. Failure to be available for testing at precise location  corresponding  to 60- minute time slot.
whereabouts as doping

It's worth noting that,athletes can have their Agents or other representative submit their whereabouts. However athletes have ultimate responsibility of their whereabouts

Under the world Anti-Doping rules,any combination of three whereabouts failure within a period of 12months; will results to a sanction of 2 years, subject to reduction to a minimum of 1 year depending on degree of fault.

It's preposterous that some athletes can miss up to four test, Yet they have onus to make sure they avail themselves for testing.

At the beginning of this year Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) sound a warning to any athlete who will violate whereabouts rules. Former marathon record holder, Wilson Kipsang and Elijah Manangoi found themselves on receiving end. The duo have represented Kenya in international assignments. Kipsang won bronze medals in 2012 Olympics whereas Manangoi  is the former world champion in 1500m.

Currently Kenya is navigating  on uncharted water, as reports emerged  that sponsors had planned to withdraw from races where kenyans will be taking part due to soaring doping cases.

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